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AC Repair Service

Repairing your AC Unit

Air Conditioning systems are complex pieces of machinery. Much like a car engine, they require maintenance, and they will become inefficient if not maintained properly. The more efficient your AC unit performs, the lower your electric bill and the cooler your home.

When your air conditioner is in need of repair, our talented team of technicians will pinpoint the cause of your problems and provide you with the methods and cost for repairing your AC unit. Diagnosing the issue properly requires an experienced air conditioning professional. We are experts at air conditioner repair and would be honored to have the chance to earn your business.


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AC Repair Factors

There are many factors to consider when doing an air conditioner repair. First, there are plenty of opportunities for your AC system to malfunction. We use professional equipment to diagnose and determine the exact issue or issues your AC unit has. We service the entire Rockwall area, including Heath, Royse City, Fate, Caddo Mills, Rowlett and Forney. Call us today for all of your air conditioner repair needs.

Low Refrigerant – Without enough refrigerant, the system will work harder to produce cold air. This increases your electrical cost and, over time, will cause your unit to need replacement sooner. If an AC unit has low refrigerant, it is due to a leak or not being filled properly at installation. AC systems do not burn refrigerant, so if any refrigerant is leaving the system, it is due to a leak.


Blocked drain tube – If your air conditioner drain tube is blocked, water can back up in to the system. Your unit should have a drain pane that is properly situated to drain and has a tube or pipe for it to drain out of. If the water backs up in to your air conditioning unit, it can freeze the entire unit and the system will not run at all.

Dirty Condenser Coils – Grim, dirt, leaves, etc. all clog up your condenser. When there is dirt and other material present on the condenser coil it makes it more difficult for the refrigerant inside the coil to condense back to liquid form, again making your system work harder.


Faulty Sensors or Controls – If the electrical flow in your air conditioner is faulty, the fan and compressor will not work properly. In addition, there are sensors that tell your AC unit when to turn on and when to turn off. If those sensor are malfunctioning, your system may not turn on when it needs to, or it may run longer than it needs to.

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