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Air Conditioner Service


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Air conditioner service is a common call we receive in spring and really all of the summer months. Air conditioner units have been sitting most of winter, we do have the occasional balmy day in the Rockwall area during winter, and when you turn on the air conditioner in spring…it doesn’t work. You need an air conditioner repair and you call an HVAC technician. So spring definitely starts the busy season for us as homeowners discover issues with their air conditioning units.

The Importance of Having a High Efficiency HVAC System

Today's air conditioners are even better than old units than you would think. In fact, modern units use 30% to 50% less energy. That's incredible when you consider the benefits of all those energy savings.  On top of saving huge on your utility bill, a high...

Air Conditioner Service

Preventing Air Conditioner Repair

Preventing your AC unit from needing a repair starts with preventative maintenance. Just like a vehicle, air conditioning units require regular attention and regular maintenance. You won’t find many cars that will drive for six to eight hours a day and never need an oil change, transmission fluid or water. In the same way, your air conditioner needs service on a regular basis. We recommend at least twice a year, most likely spring and fall. To prevent a need for air conditioner repair, be proactive and have your HVAC checked on regularly. The likelihood of your air conditioner failing during the hot summer months is much less with regular tuneups and checkups.

How to Check Your Air Conditioner

Although there are some items on your air conditioner you can check yourself, you really need a licensed HVAC technician to inspect your AC unit. Most homeowners can check their air filters themselves and see if those need to be replaced, which is very important and will help keep your air conditioner running longer. You can also check your outside air conditioner unit and see if there is buildup on the vents. If so, using a nozzle and a water hose, clean off the debris from the vents. This will allow your unit to breath and function more efficiently. But, there are other aspects of the HVAC system that require tools, gauges and other items most homeowners do not have. For example, is your freeon level adequate or is your unit low? Do you have a freeon leak? The bottom line is you really need a professional to tell you what, if anything is wrong with your AC unit. Checking it yourself is a good idea in between regular visits from a licensed HVAC contractor. When you need air conditioner service, it might be in the heat of the summer when everyone else also needs air conditioner service. So, don’t wait until something breaks, schedule your HVAC tuneup before the season starts so you can stay ahead of any emergency repairs and maintain an efficient, productive air conditioning system. The better maintained your AC unit, the less it has to work and the lower your energy bills. For an honest evaluation of your HVAC system, call us today at 214-381-6261

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Neighborhood Heating & Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems, Dallas, TX

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