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Preparing Your AC Unit for Summer

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In the Rockwall and Royse City area, our AC Units take a beating over the summer months. Some years we have 14-20 days without rain and 100+ degree temperatures. All of this means our AC units work extremely hard and run constantly throughout the day. Just like any mechanical item, working consistently or harder than normal can result in pieces breaking, wearing out or malfunctioning in some form. This is why it is incredibly important to tune-up your air conditioner and make sure it is running smoothly.

If you ignore your AC unit, you may end up with an untimely ac repair in the middle of the heat of summer. We recommend you call a licensed AC Technician, like ourselves, for a spring tune-up of your AC system. We have the necessary equipment to test and check all aspects of your AC unit. There are some items you can perform yourself and we’ll list those below.

Change your AC Filters

Your AC filter is very important for proper air flow, and changing it regularly is needed for your AC system to perform at its best. If you haven’t changed your AC filters recently, start by checking and replacing all of your AC filters in your home. Some AC units have filters on the unit up in the attic, which means you only need to change out the one filter. If you have filters at each return air intake, you need to change each filter.

Trim Shrubs From Around Your AC Unit

Foliage and shrubs can suffocate your outside AC unit. Keeping vegetation two feet or more from your outdoor unit will help it breath as it needs to and lessen the changes of anything clogging it up. If you happen to live near cotton wood trees, you may need to check the unit weekly to make sure cotton wood, pollen or other items are not clogging the exterior of the unit.

Check Your Duct Work for Leaks

If you don’t mind crawling around in the attic, check your duct work for leaks or holes. If you find any, seal them up. You can use duct tape, or a foil tape. Keeping the cool air in the duct work will allow your unit to function more efficiently. In addition to checking your duct work, check your doors and windows for gaps so that air is held in instead of escaping out.

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